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Isle of Wight Airport Sandown (ICAO: EGHN) is located 1nm (1.9km; 1.2mi) west of Sandown town

Our current operational status is displayed on our Home page

Information provided below is for reference only and not a substitute for formal airfield publications, which should take precedence in your flight planning

Pooleys Flight Guide have an airfield plate in their publications

The runway is 05/23, which is 884m x 40m and has a grass surface. The airfield elevation is 55′ amsl

There is a vehicular access road crossing the south west approach to runway 05, 90m from the displaced threshold

A public footpath crosses the runway 300m from the runway 05 threshold

Circuits are flown at 1000′ agl

Circuit direction is left hand for runway 05 & right hand for runway 23

There are northern and southern taxiways

Windsocks are installed adjacent to each end of the runway

Our tower call sign is ‘Sandown Radio’ on frequency 119.280MHz. The tower offers an A/G service. Our Designated Operational Coverage (DOC) is 10nm/3000′

‘Sandown Radio’ is an Air Ground Communication Service (AGCS) radio station. CAA UK Radiotelephony Manual (CAP 413) advises that an AGCS is a service provided from an aerodrome to give information to pilots of aircraft flying in the vicinity of the aerodrome by means of radio signals

If joining overhead (2000′ agl), perform a standard overhead join and descend on the dead side over Sandown bay, to join the circuit crosswind at circuit height (1000′ agl)

Please do not overfly Sandown, Lake, Shanklin or any other residential areas (excluding low powered crosswind joins)

During the summer months parachuting activities occasionally take place on the airfield, operated by Skydive Isle Of Wight. As always, please check NATS – Aeronautical Information Service (NOTAM’s) as part of your flight planning activities

We have very good neighbours and, for noise abatement reasons, departing traffic is requested to fly straight ahead for 1nm before turning on both runway 05 and runway 23

Landing fees are payable at the top of the tower. Please pay with cash, as we are not equipped to support card based payments

If you have any questions concerning your visit to Isle of Wight Airport Sandown, please call the tower on +44 (0) 1983 716926. The friendly tower team will be happy to answer your queries

Isle Of Wight Airport Sandown is staffed largely by volunteers who appreciate your visit and support

Opening hours

With radio coverage are 09:00 to 17:00 local time or sunset (whichever is earlier) every day

CJ’s Cafe

Island Bistro is open from 11:00 to 17:00 Mon-Fri & 11:00 to 17:30 Sat-Sun, weather permitting. Please note, no hot food is served after 15:00


AVGAS 100LL Fuel is available on a self serve basis, utilising a credit/debit card based payment system

Sandown Airport Logo
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