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Visiting Pilots: Please DO NOT Overfly our neighbours at low level!
When departing the airfield please respect our noise abatement policy and where possible fly straight for 1mile before turning
Please ensure you park your aircraft leaving at least 2m wing-wing from other aircraft. When walking to the Booking/Cafe area, please ensure you remain at least 2m from anyone else unless they are with you.

The Tower is  closed to ALL visitors apart from using the toilet (see below).
Booking in will be done by the outside bar area by a member of staff to avoid any visitor contact with keyboards, pens etc,
During these times, we wish to avoid the use of Cash Money as much as possible so would ask visitors to pay by contactless if at all possible,

Only one person at a time may use the toilet facilities in the Cafe. We ask ALL users to wipe down every handle/surface they use prior to leaving the cafe. Wipes will be provided.
Please enter via the front entrance and leave by the side door.
If queuing outside the cafe , please keep social distancing in mind.


Cafe is Open as normal but all from outside till area

Isle of Wight Airport Sandown (ICAO: EGHN) is located 1nm (1.9km; 1.2mi) west of Sandown town

The runway is 05/23, which is 884m x 40m and has a grass surface. The airfield elevation is 55′ amsl

Circuits are flown at 1000′ agl. Circuit direction is left hand for runway 05 & right hand for runway 23

Our tower call sign is ‘Sandown Radio’ on frequency 119.280MHz.

Operational Area Status

Please make blind calls if no response from A/G Radio. Please refresh your browser (F5) to ensure you receive the latest operational status information
Closed = Area is closed and should not be used
Open = Area is open for use, no PPR is required
Open With PPR = PPR is required before use of the area concerned, please call the Tower on +44 (0) 1983 716926. PPR is not provided by e-mail

Grass Runway (880m)
Southern Taxiway
Northern Taxiway
AstroTurf Runway (430m)
Open with ppr


The Webcam image is updated during daylight hours, approximately every 10-15 minutes. The image shows local time The Webcam images are provided for your entertainment and interest only and should not be used as any part of your flight planning activities If there’s not much going on, why not visit our Photo Gallery or Facebook Page


Photo & Video Gallery

The photographs that follow are to provide assistance to visiting pilots with their aircraft positioning in the airfield circuit. The photographs are provided for reference only and, as always, pilot discretion and flight safety considerations should apply


Your flying club or groups fly-in can be listed here!

If you have an event (Fly-In or Charity) you wish to host at Sandown Airport, please email

Please keep an eye on this page for additions and changes.

For local accomodation please contact Cheverton Copse Holiday Park 01983 403161

May 1st , 2nd, 3rd – Spamfield 2021 (Airfield Fully Open)

May 30,31st – Helicopter Pleasure Flights (Airfield Fully Open)

June 5th – Vintage Aircraft Flyin (Airfield Fully Open)

July 2,3,4 – Isle of Wight Scoob Fest (Airfield Fully Open)

July 30th – 1st August – Toogether Music Festival (Airfield Open with PPR ONLY)

August 27,28,29 – Helicopter Pleasure Flights (Airfield Fully Open)

August 26th – 30th – VFM Isle of Wight Scooter Rally (Airfield open with PPR only)

September 10th – 12th 2021 – Caravan Club Rally (Airfield Fully Open)

September 10th – 13th – West Country Mini Adventure 2021 (Airfield Fully Open)

Call the Tower to discuss dates & overnight stays, or any specific food & drink requirements.

Tower: +44 (0) 1983 716926

Latest news

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Mary Ellis Day 16th May 2020
  Registration is open for the 1st annual Mary Ellis Vintage Flyin on 16th May 2020 Places are limited so please registre your interest by emailing

About Sandown airport

Isle of Wight Airport Sandown (ICAO: EGHN) is located 1nm (1.9km; 1.2mi) west of Sandown town Our current operational status is displayed on our Home page Information provided below is for reference only and not a substitute for formal airfield publications, which should take precedence in your flight planning Pooleys Flight Guide have an airfield plate in their publications The runway is 05/23, which is 884m x 40m and has a grass surface. The airfield elevation is 55′ amsl There is a vehicular access road crossing the south west approach to runway 05, 90m from the displaced threshold A public footpath crosses the runway 300m from the runway 05 threshold Circuits are flown at 1000′ agl Circuit direction is left hand for runway 05 & right hand for runway 23

Landing Fees & Rates

Landing Fees – Inclusive of VAT

Microlight £9.00
Gyrocopter £9.00
Single Engine (up to 1200kgs MTOW) £15.00
Single Engine (up to 2000kgs MTOW) £18.00
Twin Engine £25.00
Helicopter £20.00
Motor Glider £15.00
Touch & Go 50% of applicable landing fee
Touch & Go Hourly (or part thereof) £25.00

Landing fees are payable at the top of the tower. Please pay with cash, as we are not equipped to support card based payments.

Please request a full list of charges from if required

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Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always long to return.

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